2011 Family Recipe Revival Winning Recipe was entered by Vicki Zirbel... Blue Cheese Stuffed Chops

Family Recipe Revival

It’s happening in homes across America--an epidemic born out of convenience, frustration and confusion. The fact is, many of us are not spending time together at the dinner table and that’s a problem...


The word dinner once conjured up images of warm, delicious smells emanating from the kitchen as we gathered around the table--not just for nourishment, but also for conversation. Unfortunately, many of us have become so wrapped up in our hectic lives that we’ve forgotten how to slow down and appreciate mealtime anymore. Fortunately, Chef Michael Feker is saying enough is enough... it’s time to get back to the table again!

A recipe for change

The family recipe has always represented the true meaning of mealtime—togetherness and bonding. But over time these recipes have become reserved for special occasions. To revive the family recipe and remind people of the magic of mealtime, Chef Feker is giving you the opportunity to share your prized family recipe, and the story behind it—all for the chance to receive some ‘tasty’ rewards, including helping the charity of your choice.

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